Israeli Satellite Operator Spacecom to Launch AMOS-17 on Tuesday – CTech

Mickey Greenfeld  :  2019-08-04T10:59:38..

Israel-based company Space Communication Ltd. (Spacecom) intends to launch its new satellite on Tuesday, August 6, SpaceX which is responsible for executing the launch announced in atweet Sunday.
The new date is still not official. On Friday, Spacecom announced in a filing with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that it is postponing the launch, originally scheduled for Sunday, August 4, by several days due to a malfunction in the SpaceX launchpad.

AMOS-17, intended to provide communication services primarily to Africa, was constructed to replace its predecessor AMOS-6 after it exploded on a SpaceX launchpad in August 2016. The accident cost Spacecom hundreds of millions of dollars in lost contracts, including a high-profile $95 million deal with Facebook.

Last week, Spacecom CEODavid Pollak said at a press conference
that Spacecom is in talks to provide communication services to an Africa-based client “comparable to Facebook” using AMOS-17.

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