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Player power rather than coach Nathan Brown was the key factor that saw Jesse Ramien leave Newcastle in sensational circumstances this week.

I wrote way back in April that the ‘marriage’ between Ramien and the Knights was set to end in tears – and was promptly slammed by Ramien, Brown and the local Newcastle media.

But sources in the club told me back then that the relationship was toxic and headed for disaster.

Jesse Ramien. (AAP)

Over the past few days, media sources have speculated that Brown kicked Ramien out the door – and they are largely correct.

But Brown only took the drastic step after the senior players group came to him complaining about Ramien.

The players said they no longer wanted to play alongside Ramien, who was whingeing about not getting enough football and that he deserved more money, while he was often late for training.

“He was just a negative influence in the place,” a senior Knights source toldWide World of Sports. “It was a big call by Brownie but the senior players left him in no doubt that it was the right one.”

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