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Apex Legends dev faces major backlash following update to Iron Crown monetization


Fans on theApex Legendssubreddit are extremely unhappy about the responses one Respawn developer, in particular, has been giving following the microtransaction changes for the Iron Crown event.

Respawn took a lot of negative feedback following the start of the Iron Crown event, with most of that criticism aimed at the price of microtransactions.

For example, Bloodhound’s Heirloom Axe required players to get all the cosmetics from the event, and then pay an extra fee on top of it.

Respawn Entertainment

Apex devs apologized for their monetization but fans aren’t happy.

“There is a wealth of data available on how monetization works in free-to-play games, and we ourselves have run tests by putting skins on sale in the store,” the developer wrote. “The amount of people who spend is crazy low, most of ya’ll are freeloaders (and we love that!) and a change in price doesn’t move the needle.

The comment has received 282 downvotes at the time of writing with many fans saying this is a result of microtransaction costs being too high, but the developer says that’s the reality of things.

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends devs are facing major backlash.

“Don’t know what to tell you dude – the data is very clear,” hewrote in a commentwith 49 downvotes. “We would make substantially less money, to the point where the game might not be viable.”

Respawn spent a lot of time responding to fans on Reddit following the backlash, but it just so happens they don’t like what they are hearing. Forbes’ Paul Tassi even chimed in and mentioned the chaos currently going on.

“most of y’all are freeloaders (and we love that!)” 😬

— Paul Tassi (@PaulTassi)August 17, 2019

EA went through this with the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and their “sense of pride and accomplishment” comment which became themost downvoted responsein the history of Reddit.

Since then, Battlefront 2 has rebounded and completely retooled itself, even winning back many fans on Reddit. Time will tell if the same thing will happen with Apex Legends. 

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