Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta players worry they’ve found hints of loot boxes – Polygon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfarebeta players are concernedloot boxes may be back in the latest entry in the series.

Just hours after theCall of Duty: Modern Warfarebetastarted on PlayStation 4, players noticed the phrase Supply Drop mentioned as a possible unlock in abugged After Action Report. In past Call of Duty games, Supply Drops have been the series’ version of loot boxes, which players could buy to get in-game items. While these have been in Call of Duty games in one form or another since 2014’sAdvanced Warfighter, fans have had issues with the way the series has implemented them in the last several games.

InCall of Duty: World War 2, which came out in 2017 the loot boxes that players could buy — either with cash or in-game currency — were all handled in the social space, which happened to be thebeaches of Normandy, something that rubbed some players the wrong way. Meanwhile, in bothCall of Duty: World War 2and last year’sCall of Duty: Black Ops 4loot boxes have contained certain in-game items that are more than cosmetics,like gunsorcharacters. This fact often frustrates the players who feel they’ve already bought the full price game, and the season pass, and they shouldn’t be in a position to either pay for something else or feel like they’re at a competitive disadvantage.

For now, it’s worth noting that we have no idea how loot boxes might be implemented intoCall of Duty: Modern Warfare, or if they’ll even make it into the final game — this is only a beta after all. It seems that the Supply Drop appearing in the After Action Report may simply be a bug. But in a series with such a troubled recent history with loot boxes, it’s no surprise that players immediately noticed mentions of them in the beta for the latest game in the series.

Polygon has reached out to Activision for comment.

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