The Surge 2’s story trailer shows off the tech-filled dystopia of Jericho City – Polygon

The post-apocalypse is coming to the big city in theThe Surge2’s pre-launchstory trailer. The sequel to the 2017 action game,The Surge, it will likewise put players at the controls of a super-powered exoskeleton that can be modified on the fly. Today’s trailer gives fans their first glimpse of the game’s new characters and includes a brief, but still mysterious, description of the game’s story.

The narrative ofThe Surge 2appears to put players in the shoes of a brand new character as they explore the futuristic Jericho City. It’s a massive departure from the first game, which took place in the interior of a ruined industrial laboratory. As they explore the Jericho, players will run into “Nano-Cultists,” the ruling government’s military force tasked with maintaining order. They’ll also cross paths with a mysterious girl named Athena.

The threads linkingThe Surge 2with its predecessor are still a bit of a mystery. The action is set sometime after the end of the first game, which concerned the launch of something called the Utopia rocket. The weapon was originally intended to help save the Earth by killing off 95% of life on the planet, but players could find a certain item in the game that would make the rocket harmless. That gives the game a slightly different ending. It’s not entirely clear from today’s trailer which ending is canonical. For now, it isn’t even clear whether or not the original game’s main character, Warren, will make an appearance inThe Surge 2.

The Surge 2will be released on Sept. 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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